Karamoja, Uganda Safari Tour

The Karamojong or Karimojong are a Nilotic ethnic group. They are agro-pastoral herders living mainly in the north-east of Uganda. Their language is also known as Karamojong or Karimojong and is part of the Nilotic language family.

Tour Plans

Day 1:

Drive from Kampala to Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve

Day 2:

Visit one of Karamoja’s most preserved clans living in Kenya’s Turkanaland as well in Karamojaland: The Pokot

Day 3:

Mountain Biking and Cultural Experience with the people of Mt Moroto: Tepeth

Day 4:

Visit East Africa’s largest village, home to the Jié clan. And stay a night between the impressive granite rocks in Kaabong’s Dodoth clan.

Day 5:

One day hike to learn about Uganda’s smallest hill tribe living on the borderlands of Kidepo Valley National Park: The Ik

Day 6:

A day of wildlife viewing in Uganda’s most scenic national park Kidepo Valley

Day 7:

Drive from Kidepo Valley to Kampala

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7 Days
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